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8 Summer Time Tips for Skin

8 Summer Time Tips for Skin

Break out the beach bags and bikinis, because summer is almost here! With the changing of the seasons comes new beauty routines to keep skin flawless and ready for those selfies. Here are eight tips to help keep skin glowing this summer.

1. Protect Your Skin with Sunscreen

Even if you aren't heading out for a day on the beach or lake, protecting your skin with sunscreen should be a priority every day. For daily use, try finding a moisturizer or makeup with SPF built in.

2. Don't Forget to Protect Lips, Too

Lips can suffer from sun damage, too. Don't forget to apply sunscreen to them if you'll be in the sun all day. Another problem your lips face in the summer is dryness due to dehydration. Be sure you're drinking enough water to keep your skin and lips hydrated.

3. Avoid the Sun If You've Had Any Treatments Done Lately

Chemical peels and other deep-skin procedures can leave skin more sensitive and vulnerable to the sun's harsh rays. Try to avoid the sun completely for the first few weeks after a skin treatment.

4. Clean Your Face Twice a Day

In the summer, sweat can cause skin to become oily. That's why it's important to wash your face thoroughly in the morning and at night before bed. This will help remove built-up oils and sweat that have accumulated during the day and during sleep.

5. Exfoliate Skin on the Regular

Exfoliating helps remove the dead skin that clogs pores and sits on the surface making it harder for your skin to absorb moisturizer and other products. Make sure to follow up with moisturizer anytime you exfoliate.

6. Don't Stop Moisturizing

Even though it may seem like the last thing your skin needs in the summer is moisturizer, it's important not to skip this step. Just find a lightweight moisturizer for summer time in lieu of the heavier one you likely use in the cooler months.

7. Bronze Skin Without the Sun

If you still want that summer glow without the damage from the sun's rays, try a sunless bronzer or self-tanner. Most tanning salons offer spray tans, and there are many over-the-counter products in the beauty section of stores that can help you gradually achieve golden skin safely.

8. Drinks Lots of Water

Not only is staying hydrated important for your overall health and body, but it's also important for the health and appearance of your skin. Without internal hydration, skin can become dry or begin overproducing oil to make up for lack of hydration - exactly what you don't want!

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