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Acne Scar Treatments Different for Every Patient

Acne Scar Treatments Different for Every Patient

Acne scars can be frustrating and embarrassing for those who have finally found relief from acne but feel as if they will forever be reminded of it thanks to scarring. As medicine continues to evolve, many patients are finding a renewed sense of hope as new methods for removing or reducing acne scars are developed.

In order to understand what kind of treatment option is best for you, it helps to establish what kind of acne scars you have.

Ice Pick: This type of acne scarring causes deep pits that are very narrow in diameter. They create the illusion that the skin has been pricked with an ice pick, hence their name.

Boxcar: These scars look like chickenpox scars and can be shallow or deep. They are most commonly found on the temples and the cheeks.

Rolling: This type of scar occurs due to damage beneath the skin's surface. It gives the skin the appearance of a wave.

Dr. Davis can help you understand what kind of acne scars you have and can then recommend the treatment that would give you the best results for your individual situation. Treatment options include:


Many patients choose Dermapen for facial scarring, including acne-related scarring, because it is similar to a laser treatment but without the downtime and side effects. Dr. Davis uses the Dermapen3 to glide over the skin, making micro-punctures that help the body stimulate production of collagen.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are great because there are three different levels of intensity so you can customize the treatment based on your needs. The treatment involves applying a solution to the face that helps remove the damaged outer layers to reveal fresh, new skin beneath the surface.


Some patients choose a combination of chemical peels and microdermabrasion to enhance their results, but each treatment can also be performed on its own. The treatment works by using an exfoliation technique followed by a vacuum tool to remove dead skin.

If you are ready to see which treatment options could help you reduce your acne scarring and reveal fresh, younger and healthier-looking skin, call our office today at 817-778-4444 for more information.

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