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Correcting a Lazy Eye

Ptosis is an abnormally low position (drooping) of the upper eyelid. Many refer to this condition as a "lazy eye." Ptosis can interfere with day-to-day tasks. For instance, reading can often lead to headaches from straining the eyes to keep the eyelids open. Individuals can be born with ptosis, called congenital ptosis or acquired ptosis. In children born with ptosis, a doctor must treat the condition before it interferes with their vision development.

Ptosis "Lazy Eye" Correction

Here at the Advanced Eyelid Surgery Center, we offer surgical correction for ptosis. That term ptosis often is referred to as amblyopia. Individuals who have this condition may find that drooping can worsen the longer they are awake, as their eye muscles begin to get tired after staying open for so long.

Dr. Davis can do a corrective ptosis procedure to repair the eye back to full function from obstruction. It is a functional or cosmetic surgery that may be performed on the upper eyelid to correct ptosis.

While ptosis affects many people, the surgery to correct this is not often discussed. However, this surgery is a highly delicate procedure used to improve a patient's eye and vision.

During this surgery, the "lazy eye" is lifted back into the correct place. In addition to making the eye look more aesthetically pleasing, this surgery will improve an individual's vision as the drooping eyelid is no longer obstructing their vision.

Before the procedure, patients will have a chance to discuss their wants, needs, and the outcome they want to see. Therefore, Dr. Davis will use this discussion to tailor the procedure to precisely the patient's outcome during the surgery.

Recovery from ptosis correction lasts roughly two weeks. However, during the consultation appointment, Dr. Davis will provide her estimate of a personal recovery time. The Advanced Eyelid Surgery Center recommends that patients give the body as much time to rest as possible.

Vision with Dr. Mayli Davis

Don't let a lazy eye hold you back from living your best life! Here at the Advanced Eyelid Surgery Center, we schedule appointments for eyelid consultations and other eye-associated procedures. To make an appointment, please give us a call at (817) 778-4444. Patients cannot make their appointments online but can contact us via our contact page to inquire about information regarding ptosis correction. We look forward to helping you!

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