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Do I Have Uneven Eyes?

If you have been asking yourself, "Do I Have Uneven Eyes?" then this blog post is for you. There are many causes of uneven eyes, and it can be frustrating to figure out what the problem is. Worse yet, uneven eyes can lead a person to feel self-conscious about their appearance in front of others. Luckily, there are solutions to don't have to feel like your appearance will hold you back from anything!

 Asymmetrical Eyes Are Common

Having uneven or asymmetrical eyes are more common than individuals may realize. Those who believe that their eyes are uneven can rest assured that they are not alone. Uneven eyes can take many different forms. Sometimes it is caused by the size of each eye being slightly different, but not so noticeable that it stands out to others. Other times, uneven eyes are a symptom of an underlying medical condition such as Graves' disease or upper eyelid ptosis.

 Procedures And Treatments To Fix Uneven Eyes

Fortunately, there are now many medical procedures that can correct the problem. The most common solution is to shorten one of the upper eyelids with surgery. This process involves cutting part of the lid away and stitching it back together in a new position so that both eyes appear symmetrical again. Because each individual has different needs, Dr. Davis will work with each unique case to find the best solution.

 Blepharoplasty for Asymmetrical Eyes

If the appearance of asymmetrical eyes is the product of drooping eyelids, Dr. David will perform blepharoplasty. This surgery involves removing skin, fat, and muscle from the eyelid to appear more symmetrical. In cases where drooping is severe enough to impact vision, Dr. Davis will recommend a procedure known as ptosis repair, which only affects the muscles of the upper lids.

 Brow Lift Can Help Remedy Uneven Eyes

In some cases, the appearance of uneven eyes is caused by a brow that sits too low on one side. In this case, Dr. Davis will recommend a brow lift to raise the eyebrows and make them more symmetrical with each other. This procedure can also help reduce puffiness around the eyes. When only one eyebrow dips down while the other stays in the proper place, it can add to the appearance of uneven eyes.

If your upper lids are drooping and creating a heavy shadow over one eye, you may want to consider Dr. Davis in Texas.

 Contact Dr. Mayli Davis

In conclusion, if you are unhappy with the appearance of your eyes, there is no need to try and hide them anymore. You can contact Dr. Mayli Davis today by calling (817) 778-4444 or navigate our website for more information about how The Advanced Eyelid Surgery Center may be able to help improve the symmetry of your eyes. We look forward to helping you improve your eye symmetry.

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