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Drooping Eyelids and Lazy Eye

Most people are familiar with a condition called ptosis even if they don't fully understand what it is. Famed actor Forest Whitaker and sensational media personality Paris Hilton both carry the burden of ptosis -- pathological drooping eyelids.

Ptosis can significantly impair vision as it becomes more severe and can also lead to lazy eye, or amblyopia. If you or someone you know has a drooping eyelid, know that cosmetic eyelid surgery can correct ptosis before it causes irreparable damage.

What Causes Ptosis?

Men, women, children, and the elderly can all develop a drooping eyelid due to a wide variety of causes:

  • Congenital ptosis: Some are simply born with this condition and experience drooping eyelids due to genetic causes.
  • Acquired ptosis: People who rub their eyes excessively, experience eye trauma, or have muscular/neurological conditions can develop a drooping eyelid. In rare instances, strokes, tumors, or cancer in nerves and muscles can also cause ptosis.
  • Age-related ptosis: As we age, the muscles and tendons that control our eyelids can weaken to the point that ptosis occurs.

Whatever the cause, however, ptosis can lead to restricted vision, amblyopia, and other problems, especially when the eyelid encroaches on the pupil. When the pupil is partially covered, depth perception and peripheral vision can suffer.

How is Ptosis Treated?

Corrective surgery for ptosis involves the repair of the muscles used to lift the eyelid. Muscle repair can be done in one of the following ways:

  • The surgeon can make an incision in the skin of the upper eyelid. From there, the surgeon will carefully place tightening patches on the interior muscle responsible for lifting the eyelid. Then the incision is closed and recovery begins.
  • The surgeon can also reach and tighten the muscle from underneath; under the upper eyelid. The under-the-eyelid method is convenient because it requires no incision.
  • Less often, a surgeon can perform a "sling" procedure, which involves the use of forehead muscles to elevate the eyelids.

Ptosis, or drooping eyelid, can worsen over time, so anyone who suspects that they have this condition should seek a medical opinion as soon as possible, preferably with a surgeon who specializes in face and eye surgery.

Open Your Eyes Fully, Once Again!

Call Advanced Eyelid Surgery Center now at 817.778.4444 to schedule a session with Dr. Mayli Davis to discuss your ptosis.

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