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Fillers Aren’t Just for the Face

Fillers Aren’t Just for the Face

When it comes to cosmetic fillers, most people automatically think of facial wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth and eyes. But fillers can actually provide rejuvenating effects to many areas of the body, and medical professionals are constantly pioneering new ways to use these highly sought-after treatments.

Last year, 2.6 million filler procedures were performed, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Fillers were first created to add volume to the face and restore the youthful, full appearance that often falls victim to gravity and aging. Now they are being used on everything from noses to hands.

Liquid Rhinoplasty

One of the most revolutionary uses of fillers in recent years has been the innovation of a non-surgical option for those wanting a nose job. Fillers can be used to smooth out the bridge of the nose, raise the nasal bridge and even hide a dorsal bump. It's even possible to help the nose appear straighter using fillers, with no incisions or surgery.

Lip Augmentation

Fillers are a great solution for those looking for fuller lips. This is actually one of the most popular uses for dermal fillers, and many FDA-approved treatments can help you achieve fuller lips with simple injections.

Drooping Earlobes

An unexpected use for fillers has arrived with women who feel like their earlobes have begun to droop from years of wearing heavy earring or simply aging. Fillers can be used as a solution to restore earlobes to a firmer, more youthful appearance.

Aging Hands, Elbows and Knees

Some areas we tend to forget about when it comes to showing signs of aging are the hands, elbows and knees. Sometimes the result of natural aging and sometimes caused by sun exposure and other lifestyle choices, wrinkled or crepey skin on the hands, elbows and knees can happen as volume is lost. Fillers are a great option for those wanting to rejuvenate these areas.

If you're interested in learning more about fillers or want to schedule a consultation, call the Advanced Eyelid Surgery Center at 817-778-4444.

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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

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