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One Simple Trick That Changes the Makeup Game

One Simple Trick That Changes the Makeup Game

Flawless makeup application is one of the most sought-after skills thanks to makeup videos that have taken YouTube and Instagram by storm. It can be mesmerizing watching someone completely transform their skin, complexion and overall face in a matter of minutes. While there are tons of tips and tricks you can find by watching these videos, there's one that no one seems to mention: dermaplaning.

Dermaplaning, which is performed by an aesthetician, is a simple treatment that removes the dead skin cells and small peach-fuzz hairs that naturally cover our faces. Using a sterile scalpel, the aesthetician will hold the skin taut and run the blade gently up the skin until it's completely naked, soft and smooth. It's a painless procedure that is actually relaxing for many people.

It improves the skin's texture and tone, leaving it brighter and smoother. It can even help a little with wrinkles, age spots, sun spots, acne scarring and rejuvenating skin cells. It's great for all skin types unless you have inflamed acne, in which case you should wait until it clears up to try dermaplaning.

Not only will skin care products work better because they will be absorbed into the skin more easily, but makeup will also go on flawlessly. No more peach fuzz made even more obvious by foundations and powders.

You might be thinking to yourself, If this is just shaving the skin on your face, I can probably do this at home. Don't! It's not that simple. It should only be done by a trained and licensed aesthetician. In order to be safe and get the best results, the skin specialist will first prep your face carefully in order to make sure it is ready. During the procedure, technique and skill is everything. The angle of the blade, the direction of the strokes and the pattern all matter in order to achieve the best results. One patch of missed hair is incredibly obvious when the rest of the face is perfectly smooth. You can also irritate the skin by going in the wrong direction or going over the same area repeatedly.

If you're interested in learning more about dermaplaning or any of our cosmetic services, call the Advanced Eyelid Surgery Center today at 817-778-4444.

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Wednesday, 20 February 2019

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