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Rejuvenating Surgery Is Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

Cosmetic surgery may have been something that men and women only shared with their closest friends 20 to 30 years ago, but today the world has become far more accepting of it.

The idea that plastic surgery, augmentations, injections, and so forth are only for superficial people has given way to the understanding that such procedures actually help boost confidence and strengthen character.

The Cosmetic Surgery Stigma is Fading

A quick look at the world around us shows a world coming to grips with the importance of mental health and its role in a healthy society. Today, someone who opts for rejuvenation surgery or treatments is investing in their self-confidence which, in turn, affects overall mental health. In fact:

  • The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that the year 2000 saw less than 7 million cosmetic surgeries. This number increased to nearly 18 million in 2018, with a 2% increase annually.
  • Advancements in information technology have enabled people to research topics fully and unlearn knee-jerk reactions. Many cosmetic surgery patients nowadays make their final decision to go under the knife after thoroughly educating themselves on the procedures in which they're interested.
  • The important role confidence plays in both physical and mental health is understood now more than ever. Even the media has increased its positive messaging around the topics of self-confidence and being free to make one's own decisions.

Some aesthetic procedures target problem areas on the human body, from liposuction to breast augmentations. Others focus specifically on the face -- eyelid and brow lifts, Botox™ and Dysport® injections, and dermal fillers -- to achieve a more youthful, more confident look.

Enhance Your Confidence and Self-Image

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Thursday, 04 March 2021

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