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Skin Cells

There's no doubt about it, we, as a society, are addicted to our cellphones. We're always scrolling Facebook, posting to Instagram and snapping our friends on Snapchat, not to mention checking emails and texting our friends. While there's also no doubt that phones and technology have made things easier, helping us stay in touch and on task, there are a few negatives to having a phone in your face all the time, too, and some of those drawbacks can negatively affect your skin.

Problem 1: Acne
Cell phones are pretty dirty, and some studies have shown that they collect more bacteria than surfaces in public restrooms <gag>, so when you're touching your phone to your face or touching your phone and then your face, you're transferring germs, sweat, makeup, oils and environmental toxins such as pollution to your face. These things can clog your pores and lead to breakouts.

Problem 2: Contact Dermatitis
Your phone is made up primarily of metals like nickel and chromium, both known to cause skin allergies. If you're noticing a red, bumpy and itchy rash on your face, you could be allergic to your phone.

Problem 3: "Tech Neck"
Are you always looking down at your screen? This can cause premature creasing of the skin on the neck, which is very delicate. Additionally, looking down all the time reduces the natural elasticity of the neck, which results in the look of "crepey" skin.

Problem 4: Dark Spots
Dark spots and hyperpigmentation can also develop as a result of using your phone too often. This is because blue light emitted from screens can disrupt melanin production and increase pigmentation. This is especially severe for individuals who already have pigmentation issues, such as those living with melasma.

Are you noticing changes in your skin or skin quality? The culprit could very well be your cell phone. We recommend putting the phone down as much as possible or going hands-free whenever you can.

We can help treat your skin issues. Call Dr. Mayli Davis in Colleyville today at 817-778-4444 for more information.

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Monday, 21 September 2020

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