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Skin Tumor Symptoms To Look For

Skin cancer is an abnormal growth of skin cells due to an excess of sun exposure. However, skin cancer or skin tumors don't have to be in exposed areas of the skin. There are three main types of skin cancer which include:

  • Basal Cell Carcinoma: Typically occurs in sun-exposed areas.
  • Melanoma: This type of skin cancer can develop in any part of the body.
  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Typically occurs in sun-exposed areas on the head, face, neck in those with darker skin tones.

 Get Assessed by Dr. Davis

Here at the Advanced Eyelid Surgery Center, we treat any skin tumors, lesions, and cysts that a patient may have. Dr. Mayli Davis will check the skin for any irregularities or changes from the last visit during an appointment. Skin irregularities can include:

  • Irregular moles
  • Spots or discoloration on the skin

Our team recommends that an individual has skin cancer screening as part of their medical care routine. Patients can prevent the risk of skin cancer by avoiding exposure to UV radiation. Self-checking the skin can also be essential. If you see something new, make an appointment with your doctor right away. The earlier that skin tumors are detected, the better chance an individual has for a successful treatment.

 Symptoms of Skin Tumors

The most noticed symptom of skin cancer and tumors is brown or pink spots on the skin. Other signs that an individual should look out for include the appearance of:

  • New appearances of moles
  • Moles that have grown
  • Changing growths or moles
  • Itchy or bleeding lesions

 Reduce Your Risk

Many factors play into who gets skin cancer and where they get it. While there isn't a way to completely prevent skin tumors from occurring, there are some ways that individuals can reduce risk. These risk-reducing actions include:

  • Wearing SPF year-round
  • Avoiding tanning beds
  • Limiting middle of the day sun exposure
  • Have skin checked regularly

 Treatment at the Advanced Eyelid Surgery Center

Have you noticed a new or changing spot on your skin? If so, please give the Advanced Eyelid Surgery Center a call to schedule your appointment with Dr. Mayli Davis. Individuals should also make regular dermatologist appointments to keep up with ever-changing skin. To book an appointment or for more information about our skin tumor services, please call us at (817) 778-4444.

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