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The Truth About Botulinum (Botox™)

Almost everyone has heard, at one point or another, that Botox contains the same botulinum toxin that causes botulism, a severe and often deadly type of food poisoning. While this is technically true, the Maricopa harvester ant produces a venom stronger and deadlier than the black mamba snake… in a much smaller dose that, while painful, is ultimately harmless to humans.

Botox Facts:

Botulinum injections are precisely aimed by skilled practitioners into specific target areas. Once injected the Botox serum will block nerve messages to the facial muscles responsible for contracting your face skin and causing wrinkles. In order to achieve this effect, the amount of the botulinum toxin needed is minimal.

If you are worried about the toxicity of Botox, bear in mind the following:

  • The amount of powdered botulinum toxin needed to supply the entire world with Botox for several years would fit with room to spare in a bottle cap. The amount of botulinum present in Botox isn't nearly enough to be fatal.
  • Botox is used in higher doses for therapeutic use (excess sweating, migraines, etc.), and even that amount poses little to no danger to the patient when receiving the injection.
  • Nobody knows where the primary supply of botulinum is located, just that it is somewhere in the continental U.S. When the pharmaceutical company Allergan ships a miniscule amount to its secure laboratories to be processed into Botox, it travels under heavy security reminiscent of the President's Air Force One.
  • Such stringent control measures make it impossible for a single injection of Botox to contain more than its carefully measured, safe share of botulinum.

Hopefully, this information will put to rest any worry you may have had over the botulinum component of Botox. Now, on to some other myths surrounding this versatile injection.

Myths About Botox:

Toxicity isn't the only myth about Botox that keeps would-be happy patients reluctant to give it a shot. The internet, of course, helps to dispel a lot of these myths, but unfortunately a few of them continue to hang on tenaciously. To set these myths straight:

  • Botox does not start working immediately: Subtle effects will begin to appear within a few days of the injection. But full results may take a week or longer to become apparent.
  • Botox does not make your face look frozen: This effect only occurs when improperly administered. If this happens to you, do not return to the clinic at which you obtained those injections.
  • Botox is not just for wrinkles: Injections of botox can also smooth drooping skin around the mouth and eyes, soften features, stop excessive sweating, treat chronic headaches, and ease overactive bladders -- to name a few of its many uses.
  • Botox is not only for women: The last few decades have seen an increase in Botox injections among men. Men's reasons range from looking young and competitive at work to appearing their best on social media.

It's true that some people don't mind their aged appearance. They've made peace with the aging process, and that's ok. But, there's nothing wrong with choosing to improve your physical appearance to give you a higher level of confidence and a better self-image.

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