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Your Skin and Your Thyroid

The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped organ at the base of your neck. It produces hormones that affect your metabolism but when production is destabilized, its effects can be much more far-reaching. Both, having an overactive thyroid gland and an underactive thyroid, can spell dramatic effects for your skin in particular.

The thyroid gland makes two hormones, triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4). Both of these hormones affect the amount of moisture in the skin, influence metabolism, body temperature, blood, heart, and the nervous system. Each of these systems also indirectly affect the skin. Too little of or too much of these hormones can cause troublesome changes to the skin's overall health and texture.

Hyper, Hypo

  • Too Much - Hyperthyroidism is the condition of having an overactive thyroid gland. One manifestation of this is an autoimmune disease known as Graves disease. Among other complications, Graves can lead to vitiligo, a condition characterized by white patches on the skin.
  • Not Enough - The opposite problem involving the thyroid gland is underperformance or hypothyroidism. A condition known as carotenaemia can turn the skin a yellowish color, pale, make it turn cold, or dry. The combination of these symptoms can result in inflammation or dermatitis too which can dispel other issues and require more focused skincare to combat. Additionally, an underactive thyroid gland can also lead to eczema or puffing and swelling of the eyelids and hands.
  • Either One - Pretibial Myxedema is a condition that can be brought on by either hyper or hypothyroidism. People afflicted by this experience thickened, more elastic skin. As a result, skin can turn pink or purplish and take on an orange peel-like appearance.

Get the Help You Deserve for Your Skin

While gland function is typically the realm of an endocrinologist, the resulting effects of hyper and hypothyroidism can significantly affect the skin, and area around the eyes. The tearing, pressure sensation behind the eyes, irritation, swelling around the eyes or bulging of the eyes can lead to unsatisfying consequences that Dr. Davis is especially suited to treat.

If you suffer from any of the diseases or disorders listed above, we recommend you consult with an endocrinologist right away. Additionally, if you are seeking a consultation on dealing with the skin-related side effects of your hyper or hypothyroidism, Dr. Davis may be able to help. Call 817.778.4444 today and speak with Dr. Mayli Davis about your options. 

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